Audi Warranty Products

Audi After Care - Wear Protection

  • Road Hazard plan:

    Repair or replacement of Audi recommended tires and/or wheels for damage caused by road hazards such as potholes, nails, debris, and tree limbs (including coverage for seasonal tires/wheels).

  • Convenience Plan:

    Interior Protection 

    • Repair of damage to the interior fabric, vinyl or leather components due to spills such as coffee or damage due to weather induced cracking or splitting.
    • Front Windshield Protection 
      • Replacement** or repair of chips and/or cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazard debris. Coverage also includes stress cracks caused by extreme temperature changes.
    • Paintless Dent Removal 
      • Removal of small dents on exterior vertical body panels without harming the original finish of your Audi.
    • Key and Keyless Remote Replacement
      • Repair or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged keys and/or keyless entry remotes.
  • Total Plan:
    • The total Plan combines the benefits of the Road Hazard Plan and the Convenience Plan to offer the ultimate Wear Protection for your Audi at a better, combined price.
  • Car Rental Benefit:
    • A complimentary car rental (up to $50 per event, including taxes) is included on all Audi Protection Plus Wear Protection Plans for any eligible claim.
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Optional Upgrade
    • Roadside Assistance can be added to your Audi Protection Plus Wear Protection Coverage for a small additional cost.


Audi After Care - Loan Protection

  • Life:
    • Audi Protection Plus, Loan Protection life coverage will pay out the balance of your loan or lease in the event of your death. By ensuring your vehicle remains with your beneficiary or estate, both you and your loved ones won’t need to worry about the possibility of losing the vehicle.
  • Life & Critical Illness:
    • In the event you suffer a heart attack, stroke, are diagnosed with life threatening cancer, or pass-away, Audi Protection Plus Loan Protection life and critical illness coverage will pay-out the balance of your financial commitment in order to keep your vehicle with the people you value most.
  • Disability:
    • Accidents and illnesses could happen to anyone at any time. Audi Protection Plus Loan Protection disability coverage will make the monthly payments of your loan or lease until you get back on your feet in the event you are disabled for a covered medical reason.

Audi After Care - Mechanical Breakdown Protection

  • Levels of Coverage:
    1. Platinum Plan- Ultimate protection for absolute peace of mind. All components are covered except for a select list of exclusions. Available on all new, certified pre-owned and used Audi vehicles
    2. Gold Plan- Exceptional coverage across the powertrain and many other critical vehicle components that can be costly to repair. Available on all new, certified pre-owned and used Audi vehicles
    3. Sterling Plan- Essential protection for major powertrain components on your new, certified pre-owned and used Audi. Maximum coverage limit of $4,000 per repair visit

    *Maximum benefit of $4,000 per visit*

  • Additional Benefits:
    • Trip Interruption – In the event of a covered breakdown which occurs more than 160 kilometres from your home and results in a repain facility keeping your vehicle overnight, we will pay or reimburse you for receipted motel and restaurant expenses, up to $100, including tax, per day for a maximum of 5 days. The total benefit per breakdown shall not exceed $500, including tax
    • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance – Each Audi Protection Plus Mechanical Breakdown Protection contract comes with 24 Hour Roadside Assistance for the term you have purchased. Here’s what is offered:
      • Towing
      • Battery Boost
      • Tire Change
      • Winching
      • Fuel Delivery
      • Lockout Service
    • Car Rental Benefits – In the event of a covered breakdown you are entitled to rent a replacement vehicle (from a licensed rental agency) while your vehicle is being repaired. Coverage will be provided to you up to a maximum of $50 per day (including tax) for each 8 labour hours to a maximum of $200 for each repair visit. In addition, a maximum of 3 days rental coverage will be provided for an engine or transmission parts delay
    • Claim-Free Reward Benefit – In the event you have not filed any claims or received any additional benefits during oyur contract term, VWPP Mechanical Breakdown Protection will provide a refund on the price you paid for your contract to a maximum of $1,000. Audi After Care offers a claim-free reward for select 6 or 7 year Platinum Plans.

    *Conditions apply with this benefit. Please read contract carefully to ensure you qualify for this additional benefit*

Auto Theft Protection

  • How it Works:
    • Participating dealers permanently identify your vehicle with the anti-theft deterrent system on numerous body parts
    • warning decals are applied to the driver and passenger-side windows
    • An identification code is registered by the dealership on the website, a national database that is cross-referenced to the manufacturer’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • The Certificate provides you with a Replacement Allowance benefit of up to $4,000 above and beyond any benefits you might receive from your insurance company
    • Be sure to visit and enter your contact information as soon as possible to complete the connection
  • Benefits:
    • Replacement Allowance benefit of up to $4,000 above and beyond any benefits you might receive from your insurance company
    • Simple, easy registration of your vehicle’s particulars on the website
    • All stakeholders – consumers, dealers and law enforcement united by a common website, ensuring fast, direct communication in case of theft
    • NO expensive hardware to purchase or install
    • NO monthly monitoring of usage fees
    • NO ability to disarm, disable or disconnect

    For More Information Call us at: 905-721-4093 or email the Audi Financial Services Manager: 

Lease Wear & Tear Protection

  • Covers Interior & Exterior Protection:
    • Paint damage and exterior surface dents
    • Interior upholstery surface rips, tears, stains, and spotting
    • Carpeting rips, tears, stains, and spotting
    • Front and rear door, hatch and tailgate rubber seals
    • Bumper(s), bumper covers, step bumpers and surrounding bumper trim
    • Windshield, window and side glass chips
    • Convertible and vinyl tops, including trim and mouldings
    • Audio Equipment, speakers and systems
    • Much, Much More…

    For More Information Contact all us at: 905-721-4093 or email the Audi Financial Services Manager: