Fred L.


Audi Brand Specialist

About me

My first car much like most individuals was hard to forget. My 2006 Audi A4 carried me from university all the way to receiving my first job in car sales. I had great memories of the adventures with my friends and family. The Quattro All-Wheel drive system inspired my driving confidence and got me out of some pretty rough winter conditions. It really did serve me well. I knew I was hooked on Audi ever since. My career goal was to eventually infiltrate the luxury market and work for Audi. Here I am now, 6 years in the business and nearly 4 of them with Owasco Audi as an Audi Brand Specialist.

Having pride and passion in the brand has led me to success, and provided me the support for exceptional customer service. I want to inspire confidence in this brand to my clients as much as it has inspired me.

I spend my summers on a boat in hopes of catching the trophy fish. In the winter, I love to be on the mountain busting moves down the hill on my snowboard. Everything in between will be my love in videos games and my lovely wife.