Lowest Door Rate

Did you know that we offer a Flex Service Door Rate? 

✔️ Our basic rate starts at $135 / hour!

✔️ It is the lowest in the GTA!


What does that mean? 

It means that instead of charging the same rate for complex work (engine, transmission, etc) and basic work (oil changes, tire swaps, etc), we have 2 rates. Our basic labour rate is the lowest in the GTA!


What does this mean FOR YOU?

For our basic rate

  • You get Audi Factory Trained technicians working on your vehicle at a lower price than independent facilities which don’t specialize in servicing Audis.
  • You end up with better service at a lower price

For our complex work rate

  • You get highly experienced & factory trained technicians who work on Audis every day and understand the vehicles inside & out


Why do we do this?

  • We believe that different skill levels are needed for different repairs/services. For basic services, you should be paying a lower door rate than if you were getting a more complicated job done.
  • We want to offer competitive door rates with independent facilities so that you can get the top-of-the-line service from us, at a price that is competitive with those facilities.


➡️ Before you get your vehicle serviced somewhere else, ask them what their door rate is!

Call: 905-579-0088 | Email: audiappointment@owasco.com

All pricing excludes taxes. Contact our appointment coordinator for more details.


Offers End May 31st, 2021