Audi SQ8


Step into the rings.

Eight is your new lucky number in the first-ever SQ8. Powered by a bi-turbo V8 engine, it delivers performance matched only by its style.


















Sculpted to perfection.

The standard S supersport seat is shaped to provide the ultimate in comfort and support for all driving situations. With optional ventilation and massage for the front seats, the SQ8 is the perfect driving partner.

The magic touch.

With beautifully integrated dual touchscreens, the interior of the SQ8 offers a seamless and modern looking. Thanks to the haptic feedback, each touch on the screen delivers audible and physical feedback, ensuring usability has not been sacrificed for style.

Unanimous decisions.

No need for a judge’s vote on the inlays of the SQ8. The standard Carbon Twill offers a sporty touch while the optional Fine Grain Ash wood inlay provides a classic twist on a modern interior.

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