Carbon build up in the motor is caused by dust-like carbon particles from the combustion chamber not being burned correctly and exiting the vehicles engine properly. Every engine creates carbon but depending on the engine design some may have potential for larger carbon build up then others if the vehicle is not being run properly or given the right supplies needed to run properly.

The Causes

  • Low grade fuel: Low grade fuel can cause this due to containing more contaminants and also can cause pre-detonation. Pre-detonation will cause the fuel not to burn correctly in the combustion chamber which will cause the unburned particulars to stick to items like valves.
  • Driving style: The engine is designed to run at a certain temperature and for a certain period of time so driving style can have a huge effect on carbon build up. If a driver does not warm up the vehicles engine properly before driving the car, this could cause pre-detonation. Or if a driver does not drive their vehicle for longer trips, mainly short trips the vehicle will not get hot enough to burn of the carbon in the vehicles engine.
  • Oil leaks: The engine is also designed to run at a certain pressure to have the vehicle run to specification so if the engine has an oil leak, there will be a loose of pressure in the motor.
  • Poor additives bought and used in your fueling system.

The Effects of Engine Carbonization

  • Lack of power
  • Internal sensors operation
  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Stalling of vehicle


First thing we would want to do is very that this is actually the issue with the vehicle. Once we have verified that this is a concern, we will have two different styles of cleaning them out and that is through using a specific clean chemical and machine or to physically have clean off the carbon. The best thing to start with is getting the vehicle in and having it inspected.


We can also complete a Fuel Additive service on your vehicle to help resist Engine Carbonization.