Oil Filter

The oil filter is responsible for the purity of the engine oil. It removes carbon deposits, oil coal, soot and metal particles. Even the smallest impurities can act like sandpaper and damage mechanical parts in the engine. The filter and oil must always be changed at the same time. Otherwise the fresh oil can release the filtered dirt again.

Oil filters from Audi Genuine Parts:

  • Feature high-quality sealing materials and tightly fitting connections, to help ensure that no dirt particles “escape”.
  • Are resistant to corrosion, pressure resistant (up to 20 bar), heat resistant and resistant to aggressive oil components.
  • Help to ensure a high level of engine performance and a long service life, thanks to their excellent dirt retention capacity.

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Air Filter

The air filter prevents dirt particles from entering the engine‘s combustion chamber along with the intake air. If this is not prevented, engine components such as piston rings, sleeve bearings, valves and cylinder walls can be damaged. Even with good air filters, the flow output drops after 80,000 to 100,000 km. A loss of output, increased fuel consumption and higher emissions can result from this.

Air filter from Audi Genuine Parts:

  • Reduce the intake noises from your Audi.
  • Are exactly matched to the filter housing to help ensure a complete seal.
  • A new air filter can help prevent an increase in fuel consumption and emission levels, reducing environmental impact and also saving you money.

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Pollen (Cabin) Filter

Dust and pollen filters prevent pollen and fine dust from unduly penetrating the vehicle interior. Unpleasant odors can occur if dirt particles cannot be absorbed by clogged filters and instead get into the air-conditioning system. A clogged pollen filter also reduces the blower speed. As a result, windows fog up more quickly leading to restricted visibility.

Dust and pollen filters from Audi Genuine Parts:

  • Can protect allergy sufferers and help to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air inside the vehicle for all occupants.
  • Reduce odours, bind gaseous pollutants and convert ozone into oxygen due to the additional activated charcoal micro filter layer.

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