Four Wheel Alignment

The Importance of Four Wheel Alignment

A part of the tires being one of the most important part of your vehicle, the alignment is just as important. Alignment is basically what keeps the vehicle going straight down the road and can be noticed by the vehicle pulling while driving straight, accelerating, braking or hitting bumps or dips in the road. The Alignment is very important because it is a safety related item on your vehicle do to the vehicle being able to drive properly down the road. As well, poor alignment can cause pre-mature wear on your tires, suspension components and poor fuel economy due to the vehicle having a dragging effect.

Service Includes

  • Wheel Alignment Check- Prolongs life of tires, ensures dependable control and maximum safety.
  • All minimum adjustments included

Recommended Time-frame

Every 24,000km OR 18 months on all Models


Starting from $169.95 +tax