Tires & Tire Storage

One of the most important things on your vehicle is the Tires. The tires are what connects you to the road. Tires are involved with everything you do to your vehicle; driving on the road, accelerating, braking, turning, driving in rain or hitting a puddle. Here at Owasco we care about your safety and will inspect your tires and their conditions free of charge to know how your tires are wearing and if they are still safe.

Tire Storage
Do you have summer and winter tires? If yes then where do you store them? Owasco offers our very popular Tire Storage Service where you can be assured that your tires will be in a perfect and safe environment for the winter and summer months. Owasco has a cool and dry storage facility designed to save your investment from damage. Proper storage is essential to protecting your tires longevity and performance.


Starting from $269.00 +tax – Includes installation, balancing, insured storage and cleaning of wheels

Seasonal tire install + balancing (no storage) $139.00 +tax

All tire installs include Free Multi-Point Inspection and Car Wash.

(pricing is subject to change)